Wrongful Death Claim By Family Of Slain Airport Security Officer

On behalf of Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C.

The family members of a Transportation Security Administration officer slain last year at the Los Angeles International Airport have filed a wrongful death claim for $25 million against the city of Los Angeles. The claim was filed on April 16 and alleges Los Angeles World Airports and the city of Los Angeles failed to provide adequate safety measures for both individuals and personnel. The claim also alleges that the airport delayed acquiring medical care for the TSA officer after he was attacked at the airport.

The attack occurred last Nov. 1 when a gunman allegedly targeted TSA officers. One man was killed and three other people received injuries. An attorney for the family said city employees created a dangerous security lapse that played a role in the TSA officer receiving a fatal gunshot. The attorney also said that city employees delayed getting medical care to the wounded officer.

Allegedly, two armed airport police officials departed the terminal where the incident took place simultaneously, which left the area vulnerable to the attack for almost 3.5 minutes. During that time, the armed attacker targeted TSA officers with a high-powered rifle. Reports also indicate the downed officer, who received multiple gunshot injuries, was left without medical care for 33 minutes following the shooting. Surgeons worked on the officer at the hospital for one hour before pronouncing the man dead.

Cities and public installations shoulder a great deal of responsibility for ensuring the safety of their consumers and their workforce. While it’s admirable to create strategic plans to provide this safety, all the planning in the world is useless if it is not carried out properly. This TSA officer’s family is left without the love and support of a valued and loved family member. When loss of a loved one occurs due to wrongful death, sometimes the only thing surviving family members can do is hire a good attorney and try to seek compensation in a court of law.

Source: WXOW 19, “Family of slain TSA agent files claim for $25M” Tami Abdollah, Apr. 24, 2014