Wisconsin Woman Dies In Assisted Living Center

On behalf of Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C.

The mother of a woman who died in a Wisconsin assisted living center is suing the group home for damages. The woman’s daughter was 49-years-old and was mildly mentally disabled, developmentally disabled and had a schizoaffective disorder due to brain damage from being in the birth canal too long. Her death was caused by choking on a bagel.

The disabled woman was on a special diet in the assisted living center. She had to be supervised for each meal because she habitually ate her food fast. The staff had to remind her to chew her food before swallowing to make sure that she did not choke. The lawsuit states that the woman’s wrongful death was due to her finding food and eating it while she was left unattended by staff. The woman attempted to rapidly eat bagels with peanut butter; however, no staff member was around to help her, resulting in her choking and dying.

The mother’s attorney stated that the death was caused by a lack of oxygen going to the woman’s brain. The lawsuit does not specify the amount of punitive damages that is being pursued.

The family of the deceased may have a tough time dealing with the death. Family members may have to seek counseling to help them learn how to cope with the loss. They may also have financial situations that they must deal with after the death of a loved one. An attorney who has an understanding of the hardships the family of a wrongful death victim goes through may be able to help file a claim and pursue suitable compensation for their loss.

Source: FDL Reporter, “Mom sues Wisconsin group home after daughter’s death”, August 05, 2013