Wisconsin Woman Dead After Highway 23 Crash

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A woman was charged with vehicular homicide after witnesses claim to see her pass a line of cars and run into an oncoming vehicle that was being driven by a 53-year-old woman. The 53-year-old woman ended up being ejected from her vehicle and died at the scene.

When the accused was passing the line of cars, the 53-year-old woman swerved her oncoming vehicle to avoid colliding with her. The 53-year-old woman swerved onto the gravel shoulder of the road and lost control of her vehicle. When she pulled her car back onto the highway, she was reportedly struck by another vehicle, which caused her to be ejected from her car. Now the other driver may face a wrongful death lawsuit in addition to her criminal charges if the family decides to pursue a case in a civil court.

The family members of people who die as a result of a car accident could decide to pursue wrongful death lawsuits against the other driver involved in the accident. Their lawsuits, if filed, could allege that their loved one would still be alive if the other driver had not acted negligently and caused the accident. If won, wrongful death lawsuits may allow family members to be reimbursed for their loved one’s hospital bills and burial expenses. Additionally, it may help compensate them for their loved one’s lost earning power as well as the pain and suffering they have had to endure.

Attorneys might be able to help people determine whether or not they have the grounds to file a wrongful death claim on behalf of their deceased loved ones. If they do meet the qualifications to do so, attorneys may be able to help them prepare their claims and properly file them with the court. They might also help them negotiate favorable settlements.

Source: FDL Reporter, “Fond du Lac woman killed in Highway 23 crash”, Colleen Kottke, August 14, 2013