Wisconsin woman causes 3 DUI accidents

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Three separate auto accidents involving a driver who traveled across two counties in Wisconsin led to injuries for one driver and may have been fueled by drinking. The cross-county odyssey began when a 21-year-old suspected of being under the influence at the time ran a woman off the road in Green County. The mother, who was traveling with her infant, said that the car came toward her suddenly but she was able to swerve off the road and avoid a head-on collision. The driver still sideswiped her but fled the scene.

About two hours later, the same driver hit a telephone box in Dane County then hit another car head-on while driving on Highway JG in Perry. Fortunately, there were no serious injuries as a result of that accident. Authorities charged the driver with DUI; she was initially hospitalized for injuries but has since been released. Police are still investigating to determine if she hit anything else during her two-hour drive.

DUI cases often involve injuries to innocent victims including the occupants of other vehicles, pedestrians or bicyclists. In many DUI cases, the driver flees the scene as well, adding the additional problem of hit-and-run to an already serious situation. Drivers who have committed a hit-and-run, been involved in a DUI accident or both may be liable for injuries sustained by the victims of these crashes.

A personal injury attorney can explain the victims’ rights and help them decide if filing a lawsuit for damages is the right response to an accident. Victims may be able to collect damages for their injuries regardless of the disposition of any traffic violations incurred by the driver in the accident.

Source: Today’s THV, “Daneille Kraus causes 3 DUI crashes in 2 Wisconsin counties,” Lindsey Tugman, Oct. 30, 2012