Wisconsin Residents With TBIs

On behalf of Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C.

A traumatic brain injury is a serious and potentially deadly condition that can occur due to a variety of circumstances. Wisconsin residents can find themselves facing major rehabilitation, long-term care needs or potential permanent disability.

Brain injuries can occur when an object penetrates portions of the brain or when an object has otherwise come into contact with the skull. Regardless of whether the injury occurs because of a fall, car accident, shooting or otherwise, TBIs account for about 30 percent of injury-related deaths annually. In total, approximately 1.7 million TBIs happen in the U.S. each year.

This potentially life-threatening situation leave a previously healthy individual either temporarily or permanently disabled. Looking at the needs for rehabilitative services and long-term care are just a few of the many concerns loved ones and caregivers may have after such an accident. To diagnose a TBI, doctors will frequently use CT or MRI scans to determine any clinical signs of brain damage. Those who suffer such harm might experience headaches, dizziness, nausea, depression and even cognitive issues such as lack of awareness or memory deficits.

Legal counsel might be a help to families when determining what options are available in the event of an accident involving traumatic brain injury. If someone was sufficiently harmed due to the error of another, that party might be liable for the resulting injuries. An attorney might help compile information in order to file a personal injury claim on behalf of their client with the intent to pursue compensation for potential rehabilitation costs and loss of income.