Wisconsin Police-Involved Car Accident Kills An Elderly Man

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In a tragic turn of events, an 81-year-old man died following a car collision with a West Allis PD squad car. According to police reports, the auto accident occurred on March 26 at about 4:20 p.m. near Lincoln Ave. and 80th. Police say the officer was on his way to an auto accident investigation at 87th and Lincoln when he crashed into the elderly man’s vehicle.

Upon the collision, both of the automobiles ended up alongside an AT&T service vehicle, but police have not yet said whether the car accident involves two vehicles or three vehicles. A witness living near the scene reported hearing a large bang causing her and some of her neighbors to run outside. She also said she did not hear a siren from the police car, just the loud bang.

Both the police officer and the elderly man driving the other car were taken to a nearby hospital. The police officer was released after receiving treatment for minor injuries, but the 81-year-old man died due to injuries suffered during the car collision. The police officer had a little more than a year of experience working with the West Allis police department.

The car accident remains under investigation, which the Wisconsin State Patrol will supervise. One police deputy stated that accident reconstruction can be a time-consuming process, but officials plan to investigate how fast the officer was driving and whether or not the police car was using its flashing lights.

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Source: Fox 6 Now, “81-year-old man killed in crash in West Allis that involved squad car” Katie DeLong and Jenna Sachs, Mar. 26, 2014