Wisconsin man sentenced to 10 years fatal accident

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A Wisconsin man was recently sentenced to time in jail after causing a car accident because he was texting and driving. He received a sentence of 10 years for his negligent actions.

The accident occurred in December 2010. The defendant was driving and approaching a stop sign when he failed to stop, which resulted in a collision with another vehicle. The man driving the other vehicle was ejected from the driver’s seat and died at the scene.

The defendant, who is 23 years old, pleaded guilty to the crime. According to the accident investigation, the defendant admitted that he was texting while driving at the time of the car collision. He agreed to plead guilty to second-degree reckless homicide, pursuant to a plea agreement made in September 2012 in Wood County. In addition to the jail time, he will also have seven years of probation.

An auto accident can occur for a variety of reasons, and some car accidents cannot be avoided. However, when a defendant was a negligent driver who was texting and driving or otherwise preoccupied, courts are less likely to sympathize with them because there is demonstrable negligence on the part of the driver. In addition to potential criminal charges, a distracted driver may also be sued by the victim.

A personal injury attorney can help a victim seek monetary compensation for damages that he or she sustained, including compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation expenses, lost wages, expenses not covered by insurance, and pain and suffering.

Source: Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel, “Wisconsin man gets 10 years in prison in fatal texting crash,” Nov. 12, 2012