Wisconsin Man Faces Criminal Charges In Sister’s Death

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Many people across the country look forward to the holidays as an opportunity to spend time with their relatives, giving them a chance to reconnect. Unfortunately, not all families have positive relationships among members, making holidays a stressful situation for some. Though violence is relatively rare, a man in Wisconsin now faces criminal charges following the shooting death of his sister.

The incident reportedly happened on Christmas Eve. Reports indicate that a 57-year-old man called authorities during the afternoon hours, claiming that his sister needed help. Police say that the man then hung up the phone before leaving the residence and returning to his own apartment.

When police arrived at the scene, they reportedly discovered a deceased 63-year-old woman, and no signs of struggle. A report from the medical examiner’s office indicates that the woman was shot 15 times. According to officers, a handgun and cowhide gloves were found in the dumpsters near the brother’s apartment with the help of a K-9. They further claim that surveillance footage shows the man putting the items there earlier in the day. 

Bond has been set for $1 million following a charge of first-degree intentional homicide. Despite the criminal charges filed against the Wisconsin man, many of the details of the case are unclear, including a potential motive. Because of the seriousness of the charges, the man would likely benefit from having an experienced criminal defense attorney on his side as he examines his options and chooses the path that is most appropriate for his individual circumstances.