Were You Denied WI Unemployment In The Initial Determination? If You Appeal, Don’t Be Late!

On behalf of Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C.

If you are a Wisconsin worker who lost your initial determination for unemployment benefits, and you want to contest/appeal that decision, make sure you file your appeal on time, and before the deadline stated on the determination document.

An appeal can be submitted online at the unemployment division’s website (click here), or via a letter. When submitting the appeal, you should be very careful to closely follow the instructions on the determination form, and- I’ll emphasize it again- to submit the appeal before the deadline.

The initial determination form you received will state the deadline, and the instructions for filing an appeal via internet or letter.

If an appeal is filed late, it is very difficult to get unemployment benefits. Wisconsin’s unemployment division does not accept most excuses for a late appeal, and usually will not accept late appeals.

Don’t procrastinate. File the appeal the same day you received the determination if possible. It does not take long, and most of the information in the appeal is very straight-forward