Roller Coaster Accident Claims Woman’s Life

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Visitors of Wisconsin amusement parks often spend days, weeks, and sometimes, hours planning their trip. However, they rarely prepare for catastrophic situations, such as injuries or even wrongful death. An investigation is underway following a deadly accident that occurred July 19 at a Six Flags amusement park located in Texas.

The incident, which claimed the life of a woman, occurred when the woman fell from one of the park’s rides. The woman was pronounced dead upon the arrival of emergency responders. Neither the police department nor the park has released specific details surrounding details of the ongoing investigation. However, speculation at the scene indicated the possibility of a loose safety restraint. One rider reportedly indicated the woman may have voiced concern regarding the restraint bar upon being seated in the ride.

While millions of people are reported to have a safe experience at amusement parks each year, reports indicate thousands may be injured. In fact, some sources report that over 4,400 of the injuries sustained at amusement parks are reported to be children.

Businesses, such as amusement park,s are required to adhere to a variety of safety procedures. While death is the worst-case scenario when it comes to amusement park incidents, serious injuries sustained at amusement parks may be results of defective equipment or products, slips, trips and falls. An attorney experienced in accidents and injuries and wrongful death can help you better understand the cause and nature of your injuries, as well as the laws designed to protect those injured as a result of negligence. An attorney may help you recover damages, such as medical expenses, funeral expenses, pain and suffering and more.

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