Professional Drivers Also Struggled To Control Porsche

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The details of the accident that killed Paul Walker of “Fast and Furious” fame are reasonably well-known at this point. However, another fact about the car accident is beginning to emerge, and it’s coming from the world of professional drivers. They have known for many years that the Porsche Carrera GT was especially difficult to drive, and some even called it dangerous.

The concept for the car was actually introduced at the Paris Motor Show, but one of car company’s most experienced drivers said the Porsche’s power level was going to be unmanageable for most drivers. He also added that was the first car that scared him when he drove it. The car was finally released for sale in 2003. Another incident occurred when Jay Leno, who is an experienced driver and mechanic, drove a 2005 Carrera GT at the track in Talladega. The car spun out of control, which is not a usual incident for a professional driver.

A Porsche spokesperson declined to comment on the accident that killed Walker. However, another fatal Carrera GT crash occurred in 2006, and the out-of-court settlement was $4.5 million. This adds to the speculation that the car has a lethal design that lacks “electronic stability control.”

Car accidents that involve a loss of life are tragic. The family of the victim may be facing the loss of their primary income. An attorney may be able to help negotiate a settlement that might compensate the survivors for their loss. They may also investigate the case and ascertain whether or not there was a mechanical failure in the car.

Source: Forbes, “Pro Drivers, Jay Leno Also Struggled With The Porsche That Killed Paul Walker“, Hannah Elliot, December 03, 2013