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Future of Wisconsin intersection unclear after several accidents

An intersection in the town of Brussels is getting plenty of attention these days, and it was even set to be discussed at the April 4 Door County Highway Safety Commission meeting. After more than 20 vehicular accidents occurred at the junction over a span of just five years, many are starting to think the intersection of County C and Wisconsin 57 is simply accident-prone. Set to appear at the meeting was an engineer from the state's Department of Safety. The possibility of making "J-intersections" at the intersection was on the table as an option. These "intersections" would have drivers go past the physical intersection and then loop back around to get to their destination. One Brussels Town board member said that this option could actually make the problem worse, however, for semi-trucks and vehicles with large cargo.

Surprise study shows shorter shifts increase medical errors

In an effort to study the effects of reducing the shift times of hospital residents in Wisconsin and other states, two research groups surveyed more than 2,300 interns going into residency programs. Residents were sent surveys every three months, asking questions about their performance on the job, sleep habits and mental health. The surprising results of the study are that the risk of medical malpractice increases when residents are assigned shorter shifts.According to the studies that are being published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, residents who worked a maximum of 16 hours without a break instead of 30 hours were up to 20 percent more likely to make a mistake. This finding clearly runs counter to the goal of the medical oversight board's decision to reduce shift times, which was to improve patient care and decrease errors made by sleepy doctors.

Wisconsin car crash results in injuries to both drivers

In Mukwa, Wis., two drivers were rushed to the hospital after their cars collided on Wisconsin Highway 54. The Waupaca County Sheriff's Department reports that a 51-year-old woman was exiting a private driveway and attempting to cross the highway when she lost control of her SUV. The accident occurred when a 66-year-old man traveling eastbound on the highway swerved to attempt to avoid colliding with the SUV. However, his vehicle ultimately collided with the driver's side of the SUV, which ejected the woman from her vehicle.

Wisconsin good Samaritan dies from injuries sustained in crash

Late last month, a Toyota Highlander and a PT cruiser were involved in an automobile accident along Wisconsin 172. A 26-year-old man stopped to assist passengers in the Toyota. As he and an unidentified third party were helping the victims of the accident, they were struck by a passing Chevrolet minivan, resulting in the wrongful death of the good Samaritan. The impact sent the man and the other person flying from the overpass. Both were injured. However, the 26-year-old man later died from his injuries. Miraculously, the other person did not suffer life-threatening injuries.

Changed liability laws may hinder accident victims' claims

In April of last year, a 51-year-old Wisconsin man was injured while driving on Highway 151 when a large chunk of concrete dislodged from the road and flew through the driver's windshield, hitting his skull before landing in the rear seat of the vehicle. The driver was able to reach a hospital 20 miles away. He received surgeries and implants to treat the skull fracture.A year after the incident, this driver suffers from blindness and occasional numbness on the left side of his face as well as shoulder issues. While he did have auto insurance and health insurance at the time of the accident, changes to Wisconsin liability laws enacted in 2011 mean that he can't claim any damages for the brain injuries or medical expenses that resulted from the freak accident.

Anti-stacking law benefitted Wisconsin accident victim

In 2010, a driver with multiple car insurance policies was involved in a drunk driving accident in which the other driver was uninsured. Luckily for the injured driver, he was still able to use a 2009 Wisconsin law, which was repealed in 2011, to his benefit.

Green Bay man sentenced in fatal car accident case

The case of a fatal car accident in July has recently reached a conclusion that resulted in the conviction and sentencing of a Green Bay man. The incident occurred on Main Street in Green Bay. An 18-year-old man caused a car accident that resulted in the wrongful death of a 52-year-old man. Rather than stop and render aid, the 18-year-old driver fled the scene. His brother drove him to Milwaukee, and he then traveled to Mexico. The man later returned to the area, and police arrested him after discovering him hiding in a Howard area home. He was convicted for the hit-and-run accident that resulted in the death of an innocent man. His punishment includes a sentence of three and a half years imprisonment followed by an additional three and half years of extended supervision. In addition, he was ordered to pay restitution for the costs of the victim's funeral. The family of the deceased may also choose to file a wrongful death suit against him.

Wisconsin couple claim Zoloft caused newborn's death

The large drug manufacturer Pfizer is the subject of a wrongful death suit in a Philadelphia federal court concerning Zoloft, one of its flagship antidepressants. The lawsuit, filed by the Wisconsin parents of an infant who died the same day she was born, claims that the drug caused the severe birth defects that led to the infant's death; the plaintiff took Zoloft while she was pregnant.The child was born with multiple birth defects, including substantial brain malformations and pulmonary hypoplasia. The lawsuit alleges that the company should have known prior to the woman's pregnancy that the drug was dangerous to developing fetuses and that the company was negligent in that it failed to disclose this information to the public, including the plaintiff mother and her physicians, as well as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

PBC Atty. Amy Risseeuw Selected As Rising Star By Wisconsin Super Lawyers

PBC attorney Amy Risseeuw has recently been selected for inclusion as a Rising Star on the 2012 Wisconsin Super Lawyers publication of Milwaukee Magazine. 

PBC Atty. Dan Cross Selected As Wisconsin Super Lawyer

PBC attorney Dan Cross has recently been selected for inclusion on the 2012 Wisconsin Super Lawyers list, published by Milwaukee Magazine. Only 5% of attorneys in Wisconsin are chosen each year for inclusion as a Super Lawyer. 

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