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Increased education key to patient satisfaction

In an effort to avoid mistakes when preparing for surgery, it is important that patients in Wisconsin receive education regarding the medical procedures they are facing. While it might be difficult and take a bit more time to explain the situation to patients, it is a worthwhile endeavor. The results of a recent Gallup survey indicate that patients who were about to have a medical device implanted wanted to be kept apprised of important aspects of their care.

5 steps for patients to avoid medical malpractice

It is the duty of the doctor and the rest of the medical team to provide a reasonable standard of care to the patient. If you go to the hospital for an operation and the surgeon seems like he or she is not meeting that standard, it may be necessary to act on your own behalf to reduce your chances of becoming the victim of a surgical error.

Objects left in patients have a simple solution

Wisconsin residents might not be aware that one of the most frequently reported medical errors is a tool or other object being left inside a patient after surgery. According to the alert by the Joint Commission, these objects are sometimes hard to detect, and some patients have suffered pain, infection and other medical problems until the object is finally removed, usually via another surgery. Something as simple as a forgotten surgical sponge can lead to debilitating health problems or even death. The cost to patients and hospitals is considerable.

Letting patient wander and die in hospital medical malpractice?

Appleton, Wisconsin residents may have been among those following the story of a 57-year-old woman who checked into a San Francisco hospital for a bladder infection and then vanished. The woman's body was found after 18 days in a little-used stairwell at the hospital, which left her family and friends angrily wondering if negligence tantamount to medical malpractice was to blame in her death.

Parents sue doctor over sex reassignment

Those who live in Wisconsin and require sex assignment surgery must usually go through extensive counseling and consultation with physicians before an operation will be performed. Most doctors are cautious about performing this type of procedure. This is due to the possibility of a painful recovery, and even psychological damage if a patient has surgery for the wrong reasons. In fact, a South Carolina couple is now suing doctors and a hospital for medical malpractice in connection with the performance of a sex assignment procedure on their adopted child.

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