Man Sues Doctor After 24 Failed Surgeries

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Wisconsin residents may be interested in a story about a 35-year-old man who endured a bad nose job in an effort to correct his somewhat asymmetric nose. Expecting for the procedure to be simple and requiring just two days of recovery, the patient is now seeking legal action for what has turned into a series of 23 corrective operations. The subsequent surgeries have attempted to address complications from the initial surgery and have replaced his nose with skin and cartilage from other parts of the patient’s body. The man’s nostrils are now nonexistent and have been substituted by a straw placed within a collapsing tunnel.

The cosmetic surgeon responsible for the botched surgeries was named as the defendant in a medical malpractice lawsuit filed May 31. He is being accused of attempting reconstructive surgeries that he was unqualified to perform, leaving the patient in “indescribable, intolerable pain” and “grossly deformed, with his nose amputated.” The victim has stated the pain has caused him to have suicidal thoughts when he would normally love his life. He is asking for damages in excess of $75,000 for his pain and suffering.

The victim reported that he was satisfied with the initial appearance of his nose after the defendant completed the first surgery. Breathing problems soon sent the plaintiff back for 22 more surgeries after which he suffered from thinning nasal tissue that had to be replaced with metal implants and cartilage from his ears and rib cage. Eventually, the plaintiff’s nose had to be amputated due to a number of infections.

Medical malpractice – while preventable – is not that uncommon. Victims in cases like these may find comfort in working with personal injury attorneys who can assess the facts and help determine if a lawsuit can be filed according to Wisconsin law.

Source: abc News, “Nose Job Nightmare: Man Sues After 24 Surgeries“, KATIE MOISSE , June 13, 2013