Man Killed In Wisconsin Accident

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Here’s an unusual and unfortunate story of a man who was in a fatal accident in Sheboygan County. According to the news, the Wisconsin man’s wrongful death took place as he walked to a roadway to ask for help after an accident resulted in his car going off the road. According to the news, the 42-year-old man was struck and killed by oncoming traffic at the site.

The news reports that the accident took place on Jan. 27 at around 6:30 p.m. It may have been dark at the time of the accident, so it’s not clear if the driver didn’t see the man or if there were weather-related causes for the accident. According to reports, the 42-year-old man had gone off the road near the town of Sherman. He allegedly walked away from the scene of the accident, and he headed toward State Highway 57 in Sherman.

When he got to the road, he was struck by a 2010 Honda Civic. It was being driven by a 49-year-old man from Plymouth who was not injured during the accident. According to the news reports, the vehicle had been traveling southbound when the man was struck. Unfortunately, he was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident.

This type of unfortunate accident could happen to anyone. When someone is driving at high speeds on a highway, you expect that they are watching the roads for debris, pedestrians, and other drivers who may be beside them. When distractions play a cause in an accident, it’s only fair that they should face the consequences. If you’ve been hurt or lost a loved one due to this kind of incident, it’s important that you recognize that you have a legal right to be heard.

Source: 620 WTMJ, “Victim identified in fatal Sheboygan County crash” James Kust, Jan. 28, 2014