Limited Scope Representation for Family Law Matters

Limited Scope Representation provides clients with flexibility when hiring an attorney. Limited scope representation is also known as “à la carte” or “unbundled” representation and allows a client to hire an attorney to represent them for specific or limited issues.

In a divorce case, limited scope representation allows divorcing spouses to proceed without the need to hire an attorney to handle the entire case. They can choose to handle the matter themselves and only hire an attorney if a difficult issue arises.

Attorney Stacy Schlemmer recognizes that clients may have differing needs in a family law case. Whether she is representing you for the whole of your case or helping you address a thorny issue, she is ready to help you on your path to divorce.

Benefits of Limited Scope Representation

No two divorce cases are the same. Some cases need an attorney’s guidance through each step of the process. However, there are certain cases in which the divorcing spouses can handle the process themselves, otherwise known as pro se.

However, a pro se spouse may wish to contact an attorney to review financial information, fill out paperwork or provide legal advice. In this case, a limited scope representation would be beneficial. 

Is Limited Scope Representation for You?

In a straightforward divorce case, including those without children or many assets, limited representation is likely to work well. However, if your case is more involved, with child custody, support, and other issues, you may benefit from a beginning to end representation.

For example, if you hire an attorney in a limited capacity to represent you solely for a child custody hearing there is a possibility that further discussions or hearings may be required. Under the limited capacity, your attorney’s representation is completed. If the issue still persists or additional legal advice is needed, you will need to negotiate further representation with your attorney.

An experienced family law attorney will be able to advise you on what type of representation would be best in your case.

The Process of Limited Scope Representation

As with all legal representation, the process begins with a client agreement. The client agreement lays out the scope of the representation, and the tasks the attorney and client must complete.

The client agreement will also outline the legal fees which will need to be paid for the representation. The attorney may require a advance fee or may charge hourly fees.

Once the attorney has completed the agreed-upon representation, they will withdraw from your case. If additional help is needed, your attorney will draw up a new client agreement with the new tasks they have been hired to perform.

Limited Scope Representation by an Experienced Attorney in Green Bay, WI

If you require legal assistance in a divorce case, Attorney Stacy Schlemmer can provide you with skilled advice and representation. No matter the scope of your representation, she will make sure you understand and are comfortable with the entire process. When you are ready to begin your divorce journey, contact us.