Increased Education Key To Patient Satisfaction

On behalf of Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C.

In an effort to avoid mistakes when preparing for surgery, it is important that patients in Wisconsin receive education regarding the medical procedures they are facing. While it might be difficult and take a bit more time to explain the situation to patients, it is a worthwhile endeavor. The results of a recent Gallup survey indicate that patients who were about to have a medical device implanted wanted to be kept apprised of important aspects of their care.

The patients who were surveyed indicated that they did not always know what to expect after the procedure. Some felt inadequately prepared for what would happen after the surgery, and that the were not always advised of the importance of following the instructions the doctors gave them for medication and rehabilitation. One key to the patients being educated is that the doctors, nurses and other medical people need to take the time to explain everything including potential negative implications.

In order to improve patients’ education, medical professionals and manufacturers of medical devices should make certain that all questions from the patient are answered. Checklists are beneficial to lower the chance of surgical error. Each patient needs communication tactics that are individually tailored.

Manufacturers of medical devices should provide content that is credible, available and easily understood. Bridging gaps between the patients and surgeons with comprehensive materials can improve the patients’ prospects. When patients have questions, answering them clearly and concisely with up-to-date information is imperative. Even with improved patient education, however, surgical errors may occur. This is frequently due to a lack of communication between the doctors, nurses and other health care practitioners. Those who have been injured as a result of this type of medical negligence may wish to speak with an attorney to determine if there is any way to be compensated for the damages that they have sustained.