How To Stay Safe On Your Snowmobile This Winter

On behalf of Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C.

When you live in Wisconsin, one of the most enjoyable winter activities is snowmobiling. Snowmobiling can be a recreational activity with family or friends, and it can even be a means of transportation while you are hunting or ice fishing.

Even though riding on a snowmobile can be fun, there is still the potential for a dangerous crash. In 2018, 19 fatalities occurred in Wisconsin due to snowmobile accidents. If you abide by basic safety rules, you should be able to avoid any mishaps and enjoy riding the trails this winter.

Five snowmobile safety tips

Before you are able to use your snowmobile on public trails, Wisconsin requires you to attend a safety class and become certified. There are many other ways to stay safe on your snowmobile, including:

  • Ensuring conditions are safe: Depending on the weather, the marked paths could be challenging to ride on.
  • Maintaining your snowmobileFailing to check your snowmobile before each ride could lead to it breaking down. Regularly maintaining your snowmobile will also extend the life of it.
  • Riding with a friend: Riding alone can be dangerous if an accident occurs. Having at least one friend with you can help avoid a fun trip from turning into a life or death situation.
  • Staying off lakes: Early on or late in the winter, it can be dangerous to ride on frozen bodies of water. If possible, check the ice thickness before going out to limit any accidents from occurring.
  • Driving recklessly: Maintaining safe driving practices on your snowmobile is crucial to avoid any mishaps. Do not speed or drive erratically when using your snowmobile.

Following these tips will decrease the chance of an injury or fatality from happening. If an accident does end up happening, seek medical care as soon as possible.