H-1B End Clients With Blind Eyes?

On behalf of Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C.

The attorney-authors have represented many H-1B workers, some of whom have done project work for some of the biggest companies in the U.S. Some things that seem remarkable to us: (1) the epidemic of H-1B workers across the country who are underpaid or not paid during benched time and are not paid, underpaid or have delayed payment, even during project time; (2) the fact that this epidemic of H-1B underpayment is well-known in large social circles, including H-1B sponsor employers themselves, immigration attorneys, etc.; (3) the fact that many large U.S.-based corporations themselves sponsor H-1B workers (whom they usually pay their full required wages), BUT the same large employers often employ, as independent consultants for project work, H-1B consultants whose H-1B visas are sponsored by other, smaller, body-shop employers who systematically underpay the workers and violate H-1B laws per their business models and systemic practices.

Our question: don’t these large end-clients (at least some of them) know that their project consultants are sponsored by H-1B-bodyshops who underpay and mistreat the workers?

It seems implausible that so many large U.S. corporations use bodyshop H-1B consultants, but are not aware that these same workers are often victims of exploitation by their sponsor employers. Are big companies turning a blind eye, and knowingly accepting the benefits of H-1B bodyshops’ dirty work? We’d be curious for our readers’ thoughts on this issue.