Greenfield car crash sends 2 children to hospital

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A woman trying to make a left turn in her vehicle was hit by a postal truck, causing injury to her two children. The car accident happened on Highway 21 in the town of Greenfield around 4:45 in the afternoon. The woman slowed down and signaled to make her turn. The driver of a postal truck behind her, however, did not realize she was stopping and struck the back of her vehicle. A one-year-old and three-year-old riding with the woman were both injured and taken to the hospital. However, they are expected to recover.

Rear-end auto accidents are the most common type of collision. Rear-end collisions often occur due to driver inattention or distraction. Sometimes, drivers do not realize that a car in front of them is slowing or stopping, and suddenly find they are unable to stop in time to avoid a crash. Depending on the speed at which the driver was traveling, these crashes can result in major injuries.

Injuries in rear-end accidents can be severe and sometimes life-threatening. One common type of injury is whiplash, a painful condition caused by the neck snapping forward then backward in response to conflicting forces during a rear-end crash. Victims of whiplash sometimes do not show symptoms until several days after an accident, so it’s important that those involved in a rear-end crash seek medical attention.

When accidents cause serious injury, expensive medical bills often follow. A personal injury attorney can help the victims of rear-end collisions to collect damages including medical bills, lost wages due to absence from work, living expenses and other costs.

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