Got Text Or Voice Messages From Your Harasser(S) Or Employer? Save Them To A Secure Place ASAP.

On behalf of Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C.

If you have received text and/or voice messages from someone who has mistreated you- for example, a harassing text message, or a voice message about your job being terminated, from your boss- you should save those messages to a secure place ASAP. Those messages may serve as legal evidence later, so you want to be sure they are saved.

If you don’t take quick action to save such messages, and leave them where they are, they may be erased by your cell phone. They may well be erased automatically and quickly (maybe within days). Further, they may be erased from a cell phone company’s records as well, leaving no trace of the text or voice messages unless you save them yourself. Don’t assume a text or voice message will remain where it is for any amount of time.

To save such a message permanently, your cell phone should allow you a menu-option that lets you save the message into a secure place, e.g. a folder on your cell phone that is not automatically deleted. There likely is also a menu option that lets you forward the message (e.g. under a “Forwarded As Email” menu option) and send it to a place (e.g. to a personal email account) where you know the message will not be erased automatically. Take all such steps/menu options available. This will help ensure you’ve got the information permanently and safely retained.

The bottom line is this: if you get an important text or voice message, take quick action to save or forward it to a place you know is safe, secure and permanent. If you need help doing this, review your cell phone user guide, or contact a tech-savvy person (e.g. a cell phone co. representative) to make sure you will save the information appropriately.