Former Infosys Employees Allege Discrimination Against U.S. Workers, Join Class Action Lawsuit

On behalf of Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C.

The attorney-author and co-counsel filed a federal class action lawsuit against Infosys Limited Inc. (“Infosys”), filed on behalf of a proposed class of job applicants denied employment by Infosys. That original lawsuit alleged Infosys’ hiring policies and conduct discriminate against workers of American or non-South Asian national origin, in violation of Title VII law.

Recently, an amended complaint was filed, in which former Infosys employees joined the case. These former employees allege they were hired to work for Infosys, and then faced various forms of discrimination because they are not Indian, Bangladeshi, or Nepalese.

Infosys has recently laid off numerous employees within the US, according to this article.

Any former Infosys employee who signs a severance agreement may waive legal rights to address discrimination claims.

Our amended complaint seeks to include, within the proposed class, former and existing Infosys employees who faced discrimination because they are not of Indian, Bangladeshi, or Nepalese national origin and are not of South Asian race.

Scroll below to review the Amended Complaint, which details the case’s updated allegations that Infosys discriminated against US-based job applicants and employees in violation of discrimination law: