Fiery Car Accident Claims Life Of Wisconsin Man

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A deadly week has hit the roadways of most of the country as weather conditions have created havoc with drivers. A tragic truck accident that occurred in Texas has resulted in the death of a Wisconsin man. The crash took place on Interstate 20 several miles west of Pecos.

The collision involved three tractor-trailers. Two of the trailers were stopped in the right lane due to traffic waiting for an accident to clear, when a third tractor-trailer driving at excessive speeds caused a fiery crash involving multiple vehicles.

State troopers report that while other vehicles were stopped along the right lane of I-20 when a third tractor-trailer that was driving too fast struck a Chrysler SUV that was forced under the trailer that was being pulled by another semi in front of it. The impact caused a fiery explosion that spread to other vehicles and the other two semis. Several other vehicles suffered fire damage.

The driver of the SUV, age 45, suffered serious injuries and died following the accident.

According to investigators no citations have been issued.

While harsh winter weather compounds the likelihood of tragic accidents on our roadways, drivers of all vehicles need to exercise caution and sound judgment. The best way to travel in such dangerous conditions is to slow down. While many drivers do account for weather, truck drivers on a tight schedule may not. Frequently they are fatigued and trying to deliver a payload. The price for speeding can involve injuries or death to others, and while no citations have been issued in this case, law enforcement officials are on high alert for drivers exceeding the speed limit.

Negligent driving can hurt others but there may be other factors involved. An experienced Wisconsin personal injury attorney may provide valuable advice on whether victims of such negligent drivers have a right to seek compensation for their losses.

Source: News West 9, “Wisconsin Man Killed in Afternoon Accident on Interstate 20 in Reeves County” No author given, Jan. 23, 2014