Securing A Child Custody Plan That Works For You

Issues in child custody affect the most important people in your life — your children. Unfortunately, these issues also tend to be the most contested during the divorce process. While each parent wants what is best for his or her children, ideas on what constitutes “the children’s best interests” can vary depending on which parent you talk to. Because there is so much at stake when addressing child custody, your choice of attorney truly matters. The right lawyer can help protect your parental rights while at the same time prioritizing your children’s best interests.

Child custody is not a simple matter; there are multiple issues that may need to be addressed, depending on the unique circumstances of your family. At Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C., we are here to explain all related legal issues, help you understand each available option and advocate on your behalf for matters of:

  • Child custody for divorcing parents
  • Child custody for unmarried parents/paternity actions
  • Post-divorce modification orders
  • Relocations/move-aways
  • Grandparents’ rights
  • Physical custody/placement
  • Legal custody/decision-making
  • Detailed plans for parenting time/visitation

When you work with our law firm, we know that all issues in your child custody matter are important and can impact your life. So while we focus on the big picture (such as who will have primary physical custody/placement), we will also help you resolve the smaller details (such as holiday schedules and drop-off times).

Learn How To Protect Your Parental Rights

Our Green Bay and Appleton child custody lawyers are ready to help with your legal issues. Call 920-831-0300 or contact us online to schedule a consultation. We will explain your rights, advise on practical child custody goals and fight to help you achieve them.

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