Why Trusts Make Sense

A trust holds assets that will be distributed to beneficiaries of your choice upon your death. Trust documents state your instructions for distribution of your assets.

Settling an estate through the probate court process can prove as a stressor upon a loved one’s passing. However, a trust eliminates the need for court intervention, allowing for a more private process.

A trust grants a trustee with control over many matters, such as regulating the spending of beneficiaries in order to avoid poor monetary decisions, and managing unique assets such as pets, homes, and vehicles. There are many different types of trusts for the varied objectives, allowing individuals’ specific wishes pertaining to control of assets to be indicated.  Additional reasons for trusts to be established include:

  • Distributing assets to children at certain stages of their lives
  • Providing care for a pet
  • Providing assets to charities over time
  • Providing financial support to a special needs child while not disqualifying them from receiving government benefits

Trusts may be the only means of distributing your unique assets according to your wishes. It is important to create trusts with the assistance of a knowledgeable estate planning attorney, as it is a complex process. We will ensure your objectives are achieved.

A Personal Approach

The personal approach that is a component of all our legal services is important to our estate planning clients. We take the time to understand your family structure and your objectives to create a will that truly reflects your life and your wishes.

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