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Advance Directives Clarify Your Wishes In Case Of Incapacity

Because life is full of uncertainties, it is wise to have legal documents in place that express your wishes regarding medical and financial matters in case you become incapacitated. These directions are known as advance directives. The process involves establishing durable powers of attorney to entrust someone with decision-making authority for financial and health care matters.

The lawyers at Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C., will guide you through this process as part of creating a comprehensive estate plan. We work with clients throughout Wisconsin from offices in Green Bay and Appleton.

Plan Ahead So Your Loved Ones Aren’t Left Guessing

If you suffer a medical setback and become comatose, your spouse, children or other loved ones may struggle to make decisions about what medical steps to take to keep you alive. You may have definite thoughts on what end-of-life medical care you want taken, but unless they are spelled out in legal documents, following your decisions may not be possible.

If you do not establish a health care directive and designate someone to have durable power of attorney for financial decisions, your loved ones may have to navigate complex legal proceedings to accomplish basic tasks on your behalf. Putting these documents in place assures that your loved ones will have clear directions on your wishes, so they can make decisions easily and with a clear conscience.

We Are Ready To Make Your Wishes Official

We welcome the opportunity to help you create advance directives or review existing documents that may need to be updated. Call 920-831-0300 or use our online contact form to schedule a consultation.