Guardianships Protect Loved Ones Who Can’t Care For Themselves

Adult guardianship provides legal authority to an individual often a family member to make decisions on behalf of an adult who can no longer make decisions on their own. It involves a legal process in which the court appoints an individual custody over another party who is deemed as unable to care for themselves. The appointed guardian makes personal and/or financial decisions on behalf of the individual. This can be decisions regarding health care, how finances are handled, living arrangements and other important matters.

A court order specifically states how much authority you have as a guardian, and how far reaching your powers will be. Once appointed, the guardian has an annual duty of reporting to the court how the protected person has been cared for and how costs are being covered, ensuring the guardian is acting in their best interests.

The estate planning attorneys at Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C., can help families establish guardianship if a family member suffers from dementia, Alzheimer’s or is comatose. Guardianships are also created when an adult child has special needs and may be combined with a special needs trust.

Your Goals Become Ours

Often, guardianship becomes necessary when a family member suffers a medical setback that prevents them from making decisions independently. A guardianship can be granted once the court finds the individual legally incompetent. We understand that the court process necessary to obtain guardianship is an added stressor during your difficult transition. Our experienced estate planning lawyers will take the time to carefully review your situation and tailor a plan that best accomplishes your objectives. We recognize that every family’s situation is unique, so we steer clear of cookie-cutter approaches.

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