Driver Errors And Serious Crashes

On behalf of Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C.

As residents in Wisconsin watch the continued development of autonomous vehicles, they may or may not yet be convinced that it is safe to ride in one of these vehicles. However, many people are highlighting the dangers associated with riding in vehicles operated by human drivers. These people actually have statistics to back up their concerns.

A report published by Auto World News shows that out of all vehicular injuries deemed to be serious, nine out of 10 were the result of errors made by human drivers. That is a staggering number and should give people a reason to pause. It should also give more evidence as to why automobile manufacturers should push to include more safety features in new cars, trucks and other passenger vehicles.

To date, advanced safety features have been included on a mere 44% of 2019 vehicle models sold. That means the majority of vehicles driven off the lots by new owners lack what could be the very features that save their lives or the lives of their passengers. Of course, these options are available to many consumers if they are willing to pay the premium prices charged by the manufacturers and dealers.

The fact that the U.S. auto industry seems to put a price tag on safety and human life is disturbing at best. More people and businesses need to advocate for broader adoption of these features as one way to help curb the tide of vehicular fatalities and severe lifelong injuries that can result from a car accident.