Do NOT Email An Attorney About Personal Matters From Your Employment Email Address

On behalf of Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C.

I am an attorney, and every so often, a new potential client will email me, and will do so using their employment email address. When this happens, often the person’s email will contain negative information about his or her employer, or other information the person would not want the employer’s management to read.

Please know this: most employers can, and will, access employees’ emails sent from their work email accounts. Even if your employer has “never” done this so far, and you think they never will, please know if you later file a legal dispute (or the employer thinks you may), the employer will likely become motivated to comb through your emails at that point.

You can avoid risks by simply doing this: if you email an attorney for your own personal purposes, use your personal (non-work) email account.