Divorce Courts Could Order Some Temporary Peace Of Mind

On behalf of Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C.

Divorce can be an incredibly stressful undertaking, and any uncertainty might only make it worse. Not knowing what shape your life is supposed to take at this tough time can be taxing, but there may be a way to get some answers.

Dealing with divorce can be hard, both emotionally and financially. While research has shown that those who are easier on themselves have an easier time coping with the process, Wisconsin may be able to help in other areas. There might be an avenue for the court to render some decisions to help clear the way while you’re in the midst of an ongoing divorce.

Temporary terms

You can ask for a hearing to put a short-term plan in place while you come to a final agreement:

  • Children: What happens to the children after divorce can be a big issue, but you’ll also need to outline where things stand while the process is still ongoing. You can ask the court to look at questions regarding custody and support while you’re going through the divorce process.
  • Residence: It might be too tall an order to have you and your spouse continue living under the same roof while you’re getting a divorce. You can ask the courts to decide who gets the house and who has to find another place to stay.
  • Maintenance: The final divorce decision will likely lay out spousal support and divide assets accordingly, but you still have bills to pay before that. It can be hard to suddenly be the only one covering costs, so the courts could put a ruling on maintenance into place.

Getting through your divorce can take a lot out of you, but having some standards set in place as you go can deliver some small peace of mind. Know what you can ask of the court, and you may receive a bit of relief.