A Strong Legal Defense Against Assault Charges

Being charged of a violent crime may be the most life-altering experience you will have. Assault accusations can be especially frustrating because the kind of charge you face is directly related to very specific details surrounding the alleged violent incident.

Without a doubt, law enforcement and prosecutors step in quickly to find ways to gather evidence against the accused. Before they hear your side of the story, they may have already taken the side of the alleged victim — someone who may or may not be telling the whole truth.

An Experienced Attorney Is Crucial In Your Situation

Our job at Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C., is to make sure your story is heard when you have been investigated, accused, arrested or charged with a violent crime. We are strong advocates for the legal process and the assumption that people are innocent until proven guilty.

Let our team of attorneys help you get the support and protection you need when standing up against a criminal charge. Contact one of our offices in Appleton and Green Bay to arrange a consultation.

What Does My Assault Charge Mean?

Your first experiences with the criminal justice system are probably intimidating and frightening. You are being charged with crimes you may not completely understand or may be confused about what consequences could result if convicted.

To you, the assault or domestic assault incident may have just been a heated argument that involved verbal threats. The alleged victim, however, may have walked away thinking he or she was in serious danger. That is an important distinction in many Wisconsin assault cases.

  • Assault typically refers to an action that causes another person to fear bodily injury. This means you do not even have to lay a finger on someone to be charged with assault.
  • Battery typically refers to an action that involves using force to intentionally physically harm someone. This means there needs to be intent to harm, rather than simple negligence or an “accident.”

These two types of charges are often lumped together, but they are important classifications within the criminal justice system. Even further, you may be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony depending upon the severity of threat or harm involved.

Have An Advocate On Your Side

The best defense in these cases begins with counsel from an experienced lawyer who knows how to investigate the details surrounding your case and develop a realistic plan for criminal defense.

When you work with our team, we will be direct and candid with you about the facts, your options and what our experience has shown likely to be effective. If you have questions or concerns, we want to hear them. We are your advisers, counselors and advocates throughout the legal process. We can help.

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