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Punitive Damages Are Available When Drunk Boaters Injure Others

Summer is a time for fun and relaxing in the sun. In Green Bay, the water is an inviting place where plenty of people converge throughout the hot months to partake in sports and recreation alike. There is a lot of boating, and a lot of drinking. Unfortunately, sometimes those two elements come together, causing drunk boating accidents that can range in damage from dents and dings to hospitalization or death.

Drunk boat accident leads to the death of one in Wisconsin

In June 2013, a man from Minnesota was allegedly operating a recreational boat in Pierce County when he got into an accident. The incident resulted in the personal injury of one of the boat's passengers, a 40-year-old man from New Richmond.

Wisconsin authorities try to stop drunk boating

Wisconsin's lakes and rivers see heavy boating traffic each year, and law enforcement is taking their role seriously in preventing alcohol-related boating deaths. In 2012, Wisconsin had the third-highest number of boating deaths related to alcohol as well as numerous personal injury accidents involving drunk boaters. Eight people lost their lives on Wisconsin waters in 2012 due to the actions of intoxicated boaters.

Wisconsin boat operator pleads not guilty in deadly crash

A 22-year-old man charged with DUI in a boating accident that killed a passenger has pled not guilty to the charges. The crash occurred on Castle Rock Lake in July, when the defendant was driving a boat after partying. He was allegedly drinking at the time and ran into a bridge pillar, killing a male passenger. A blood alcohol test registered the driver's BAC at .13 percent at the hospital following the crash.The driver is charged with homicide as well as intoxicated operation of a boat. When he was brought into court to enter a plea, he remained silent, and the judge eventually entered a not-guilty plea on behalf of the defendant. There is no information at this point on a possible bond for the driver or on the reason he refused to enter a plea.

Driver pleads guilty in BUI accident that killed Wisconsin man

Drunk driving is not exclusive to the highways and byways as it happens on our lakes and rivers all too often as well. Recently a 39-year-old man from another state plead guilty to BUI manslaughter charges after a boating accident killed a 35-year-old Wisconsin man and injured a 34-year-old man who was also in the boat at the time of the crash. The defendant also plead guilty to BUI, or boating under the influence charges in relation to property damage as well. According to reports, a plea agreement was reached that included the wishes of family members of both victims involved in the crash.

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