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Snowmobile safety

Winter in Wisconsin brings accumulating snow and for many, the opportunity to get outside and experience it. For snowmobilers, the chance to enjoy the trails can't come soon enough. As the birthplace of snowmobiling, one of our favorite pastimes in Wisconsin is exploring the trails on our machines.

Alcohol causing Wisconsin snowmobile accidents

Every winter, outdoor enthusiasts from all around Wisconsin head out to enjoy the blankets of fresh powder covering the state. While skiing and snowshoeing are great ways to explore, one of the most exciting ways to see both backcountry trails and public park routes is on a snowmobile. Cruising across the ice is exciting, but the number of snowmobile injuries point to the dangers apparent with this sport.

Punitive Damages Are Available When Drunk Boaters Injure Others

Summer is a time for fun and relaxing in the sun. In Green Bay, the water is an inviting place where plenty of people converge throughout the hot months to partake in sports and recreation alike. There is a lot of boating, and a lot of drinking. Unfortunately, sometimes those two elements come together, causing drunk boating accidents that can range in damage from dents and dings to hospitalization or death.

What to Do if You Are Seriously Injured in an Accident Outside of Wisconsin? By Attorney John Peterson

Although there are similarities, the laws governing the rights of accident victims differ depending on in which state an accident occurred.  The law of the state where the accident happened governs the rights and responsibilities of the parties involved.  When car accidents occur in states the parties are just visiting, most of the investigation, deposing of witnesses, and trial preparation occurs elsewhere.

What Can Be Done if You Believe the "At Fault" Driver's Insurance Company is Acting Unreasonably and in "Bad Faith"? By Atty. John Peterson

One of our clients was helping a friend put a new window into his house.  Our client went out to his car to get some tools.  His friend's pickup truck was parallel parked directly behind our client's car.  As our client opened his trunk to retrieve his tools, a negligent driver struck the rear of the pickup and drove a large hook mounted to the front bumper of the truck through our client's leg.

What If I Am Hurt As a Result of a Dog Bite? By Attorney John Peterson

Over the years, the lawyers at Peterson, Berk & Cross have represented many victims of attacks and bites by dogs.  Tragically, the victims are often little children who end up with lifelong physical and emotional scars.  Our attorneys and staff are experienced in working with victims and their families during the initial trauma after the attack, the wounds and their repair, and healing during the months or years following the attack.

What If I Am Hurt in a Trip/Slip and Fall Accident? By Attorney John Peterson

A trip and fall accident is one of the most difficult cases for an accident victim to win.  This is particularly true of trip/slip and falls on snow and ice during Wisconsin winters.  As a consequence, many experienced trial lawyers are no longer willing to represent people hurt in these kinds of accidents.  At Peterson, Berk & Cross, we judge each trip and fall case on its individual merits.  If we conclude, after a careful and thorough investigation of the facts, that the fall was caused by another person's negligence, we will agree to proceed with the case.

What to Do If You are Hurt in An Automobile Accident - By Attorney John Peterson

During the last 36 years, Peterson, Berk & Cross's personal injury attorneys have successfully concluded thousands of motor vehicle accident cases. If you are hurt in an automobile accident caused by another driver, you need to know that the "at fault" driver's insurance company is not on your side. Its obligation is not to protect you, but to protect the interests of the driver who hurt you.

"SETTING UP 'THE STING:' WHEN THE POLICY LIMIT IS NOT THE LIMIT..."-- Outline of WAJ Presentation By PBC Attorney John Peterson

PBC Attorney John Peterson gave a presentation, for a Wisconsin Association of Justice (WAJ) seminar, titled "SETTING UP 'THE STING:' WHEN THE POLICY LIMIT IS NOT THE LIMIT - SETTING UP THE RECALCITRANT, THIRD PARTY CARRIER."

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