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November 2013 Archives

Wisconsin man dies when arguing parties take to the road

A 19-year-old Wisconsin man was killed and a teenager was injured when a verbal argument led to a fatal auto crash, according to authorities. Police say the responsible party is in custody, and charges of hit-and-run causing death and homicide by negligent operation have been recommended. They also say alcohol and drugs were factors in the incident.

Woman suffers internal burns during gynecological procedure

Wisconsin residents may be interested in an incident involving a 39-year-old woman who suffered from internal burns and permanent injuries after a routine gynecological exam went wrong. While performing a procedure known as a colposcopy, a doctor at Paragon Health in Summit County, Ohio, mistakenly sprayed potassium hydroxide into her vagina, thinking it was vinegar. After realizing what he had done, the doctor then attempted to irrigate the area with saline solution before applying a pain cream with an ungloved finger.

Honda minivan owners cautioned on brakes in recall announcement

Appleton drivers of Honda Motor Company minivans should be aware that the car maker announced plans to recall some 344,000 of its Odyssey models. The recall was over concerns about a software problem that made the vehicle's brakes unexpectedly engage, which could cause auto accidents. The glitch could make it possible for the system known as the Vehicle Stability Assist to apply the brakes on its own under certain conditions. No crashes due to the bug had been reported.

Drunk boat accident leads to the death of one in Wisconsin

In June 2013, a man from Minnesota was allegedly operating a recreational boat in Pierce County when he got into an accident. The incident resulted in the personal injury of one of the boat's passengers, a 40-year-old man from New Richmond.

Objects left in patients have a simple solution

Wisconsin residents might not be aware that one of the most frequently reported medical errors is a tool or other object being left inside a patient after surgery. According to the alert by the Joint Commission, these objects are sometimes hard to detect, and some patients have suffered pain, infection and other medical problems until the object is finally removed, usually via another surgery. Something as simple as a forgotten surgical sponge can lead to debilitating health problems or even death. The cost to patients and hospitals is considerable.

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