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June 2013 Archives

Were You a Shareholder Who Was Removed or Financially Harmed By Majority Shareholders or Board of Directors? You May Have Strong WI Law Rights (Even Without a Contract)

In some instances, a shareholder of a company is also employed by that company, and compensated via salary, bonuses, dividends or other financial benefits. If you were a shareholder of a Wisconsin company and were removed from duties or suffered financial loss due to actions of majority shareholders or board of directors, you may have strong legal rights. These rights may exist even if you did not have a contract, and even if you were labeled an "at will" employee.

The worst month, day and hour to have surgery

People in Wisconsin contemplating going in for a surgery might be interested to hear that there are certain months, days, and times when their risk of encountering medical errors may be higher. Traditionally, people used to plan surgeries around lunar cycles, and while that is not necessarily how surgeries are planned nowadays, the calendar may still play a part in the worst times to have surgeries.

Man sues doctor after 24 failed surgeries

Wisconsin residents may be interested in a story about a 35-year-old man who endured a bad nose job in an effort to correct his somewhat asymmetric nose. Expecting for the procedure to be simple and requiring just two days of recovery, the patient is now seeking legal action for what has turned into a series of 23 corrective operations. The subsequent surgeries have attempted to address complications from the initial surgery and have replaced his nose with skin and cartilage from other parts of the patient's body. The man's nostrils are now nonexistent and have been substituted by a straw placed within a collapsing tunnel.

PBC Atty. John Peterson Named President of Appleton Public Library Board of Trustees

Peterson, Berk & Cross attorney John Peterson was recently named President of the Appleton Public Library's Board of Trustees. 

Medical errors more common than previously thought

Wisconsin individuals who have visited the doctor's office or emergency room may be interested to know that up to 20 percent of cases are misdiagnosed. These incidences of medical malpractice far exceed the number of drug and surgery errors but receive considerably less attention.

Illinois man killed in crash with former Lodi, Wis. resident

After investigation and reconstruction of the accident scene, Wisconsin State Patrol identified excessive speed as the cause of a fatal automobile accident that occurred at the intersection of Highways 188 and 60. The driver of a 2010 Jeep Wrangler, a former Lodi, Wis. resident, exceeded the posted speed by 24 miles per hour, leaving little time for the driver of a 1994 Acura, a resident of Northbrook, Ill., to safely cross the intersection.

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