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May 2013 Archives

Wisconsin authorities try to stop drunk boating

Wisconsin's lakes and rivers see heavy boating traffic each year, and law enforcement is taking their role seriously in preventing alcohol-related boating deaths. In 2012, Wisconsin had the third-highest number of boating deaths related to alcohol as well as numerous personal injury accidents involving drunk boaters. Eight people lost their lives on Wisconsin waters in 2012 due to the actions of intoxicated boaters.

Parents sue doctor over sex reassignment

Those who live in Wisconsin and require sex assignment surgery must usually go through extensive counseling and consultation with physicians before an operation will be performed. Most doctors are cautious about performing this type of procedure. This is due to the possibility of a painful recovery, and even psychological damage if a patient has surgery for the wrong reasons. In fact, a South Carolina couple is now suing doctors and a hospital for medical malpractice in connection with the performance of a sex assignment procedure on their adopted child.

Fatal auto accidents linked to cellphones may be underreported

The number of fatal car crashes caused by distracted driving in Wisconsin and across the country may be much higher than originally thought. The National Safety Council, an advocacy group, recently released its findings from a study of state and federal data on auto accidents from 2009 to 2011. The group found that out of 180 car crashes in which there was strong evidence that the driver had been using a cell phone, less than half were recorded in the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's database as having involved a cellphone.

One killed and two babies injured in car accident

According to authorities, a 23-year-old Wisconsin man who had allegedly been involved in an accident that took the life of a 21-year-old woman turned himself in to the Beloit police. When he turned himself in, the man was in the company of an attorney and invoked his Miranda rights. He was arrested for negligent homicide and is being held in the Rock County Jail. An initial court appearance was scheduled.

Boorish behavior by doctors can lead to medical malpractice

Wisconsin medical patients may want to observe their physician's interaction with the staff the next time they visit the doctor. New studies among health care workers have revealed that bullying and disruptive behavior among doctors and nurses is common. Some workers say that this behavior is leading to medical malpractice. In a recent survey of over 4,500 health care workers, over 77 percent of respondents said that they had witnessed disruptive or bullying behavior among doctors. Another 65 percent said they had seen such behavior from nurses. Two-thirds claimed that the disruptive behavior had led to medical errors, and one-third said the behavior contributed to a patient's death.

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