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September 2012 Archives

Wisconsin man killed in rear-end motor vehicle accident

A man from Onalaska was killed in a two-vehicle auto accident on one late afternoon. According to the police, the man was driving on Interstate 90 and slowed his vehicle as he neared an exit. At that point, a truck hit the back of the victim's car. The collision caused the vehicle to swerve out of control and land on its side. The victim was taken to the hospital but did not survive his injuries.Both drivers were wearing seat belts. The truck driver, also from Onalaska, sustained some injuries during the accident. He was taken to a Mayo Clinic branch in La Crosse, treated and was released later that evening. The police have stated that alcohol was involved.

Wisconsin man flies past stop sign, killing 2 and injuring 8

A 67-year-old man killed two people and injured eight others when he blew past a stop sign Suburban at an intersection in Eagle Point. As a result, a pickup truck T-boned the man's car at the intersection. The Suburban carried five people besides the driver. There were four people in the truck. Two women in the Suburban were killed. One was pronounced dead at the scene. The other woman was pronounced dead at the hospital. The sheriff said that when an accident involves fatalities, his department's focus is reconstruction of the events leading up to the crash. Reconstruction involves analysis of skid marks, road conditions and visibility, among other things. Visibility may have been a factor in this accident because the intersection is surrounded by corn crops. Deputies will also interview all persons who survived in each vehicle and all witnesses to the crash.

PBC Atty. John Peterson Named Vice President of Appleton Public Library Board of Trustees

Peterson, Berk & Cross attorney John Peterson was recently named Vice President of the Appleton Public Library's Board of Trustees. 

Texas Farm Accused of Discriminating Against U.S. Citizen Job Applicants in Favor of H-2A Foreign Workers

A Texas farm has been accused of discriminating against U.S. citizen workers, and instead favoring foreign workers hired under the H-2A temporary worker visa program.

Transplant errors often prompt programs to close temporarily

Here in Wisconsin, when we go to the doctor, we expect that we will get the best care possible. We rightfully expect that the doctors we see will give us accurate information and advice about our health and well-being. If we have a major health concern that requires surgery, those expectations get even higher. We know that doctors are trained to perform procedures accurately and trust them with our lives. Unfortunately, sometimes things go wrong.

PBC Atty. Amy Risseeuw Is Named As Member of The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40

Peterson Berk & Cross attorney Amy Risseeuw was recently named as a member of The National Trial Lawyers: Top 40 Under 40. Amy is one of only 40 trial lawyers from the State of Wisconsin to be chosen for membership into this group of influential and accomplished young trial lawyers. 

Brothers face charges in fatal hit-and-run

Criminal charges have been filed against a 17-year-old boy for killing a 52-year-old man in a hit-and-run car accident. His family members persuaded the nearly blind teenager to go to Mexico after the accident and assisted him. He later came back to the U.S., and police arrested him while he was hiding in a closet of the apartment of a family friend. Prosecutors are charging the teen as an adult for this hit-and-run accident. Witnesses to the accident said they saw the teen's vehicle slow down and then swerve around the victim's body in the road. The girlfriend of the accused teen said she was riding in the car with him. She said that they had been arguing and that the accident occurred when he tried to hug her. The young man also has an eye condition that causes near blindness. As a result, he never could get a driver's license.

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