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A Wisconsin resident John Kroner, represented by PBC Attorney Michael Brown, has appealed a Wisconsin circuit court’s decision to transfer Mr. Kroner’s case to the Oneida Tribal Judicial System, pursuant to Wisconsin Statute 801.54, which involves discretionary transfer of civil actions to tribal court.

This is the first appeal of its kind involving Wis. Stat. 801.54, which is a relatively new statute.

Mr. Kroner alleges that transfer to the tribal court was improper, and that his case, involving him as a Wisconsin resident with Wisconsin contract claims, should remain in the Brown County Circuit Court where it was commenced.

Briefing was recently completed at the Wisconsin Court of Appeals. The case is John N. Kroner v. Oneida Seven Generations Corporation, Appeal Number 2010AP002533, Court of Appeals District 3.

More information about the case, including the parties’ briefs, can be found here.