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3 essential boating safety guidelines

Boating in the summer is a staple activity in Wisconsin. When the warm weather hits, it is time to go out on the lake. No matter how many times you have gone boating, it is always smart to review some boating safety guidelines before departing. 

According to the National Safety Council, there were 2,613 boating injuries and 626 fatalities in 2015. Here are some safety tips to follow to reduce your chances of getting in a boat accident:

When co-parents disagree over elaborate gifts

When you co-parent children with someone who lives in a different household, it is good to be on the same page as far as bedtimes, house rules and internet use go. This consistency helps keep children on an even keel, but children can thrive even when their lives are different at both homes.

Of course, disagreements with your co-parent over these issues bother you, but there might not be much you can do about it when your child is at the other house. However, what about elaborate gifts? Say that you want to give your child a top-of-the-line phone while your co-parent prefers a budget phone. The opposite type of situation could apply, in which your co-parent purchases your teen an expensive car while you prefer a budget model. How can co-parents handle such disagreements, especially since the child will want to bring the gift into both households?

How can I get the other parent to comply with child support?

One frustrating thing that many divorced parents deal with is the other parent not paying court-ordered child support or even child support that both parents agreed to with the help of lawyers.

If you are in the middle of such a situation, you have several options. However, one mistake to avoid is to withhold visitation from the other parent. If you try this tactic, it could backfire on you, both legally and in the eyes of your children. Here is a look at what you can do with the assistance of your lawyer:

Can your TV and other items in the home harm your child?

A few weeks ago, a tragedy at a Payless ShoeSource claimed the life of a toddler. You may have heard about the well-publicized story, in which a wall mirror fell on top of the girl when she was shopping with her mother; she later died of her injuries. Investigators determined the company had not ensured proper mounting of the mirror on the wall. You and other Wisconsin parents are very cautious about keeping your homes safe for your young children, but there are some common dangers that you may not be aware of.

When you childproofed your home, you probably blocked unused electrical outlets and put locks on cabinet doors that contained harmful objects. While these are certainly effective and responsible safety measures, you might have missed other hazards. Did you know, for example, that a child is seen in a U.S. hospital every 45 minutes due to a television set falling on top of him or her? It may be easy to think that modern flat-screen TVs are not dangerous, but they are heavy, and a child can easily topple one if you do not properly secure it. Safety authorities recommend that parents secure their televisions to the wall with strong brackets or position them on cabinets that a child cannot pull over, out of reach.

3 challenges in high-asset divorces

People with a high net worth who are facing a divorce should proceed with caution. Individuals in this situation often face specific challenges that require assistance from an attorney with experience handling cases of this nature.

Here are three common challenges regarding high-asset divorces. Awareness of these challenges can help couples to better understand a few of the major issues at stake as they evaluate how to move forward.

Can kids bully others with food allergies?

As you know, it can be life-threatening if your child has an allergy to certain types of food. Other adults and children should also understand this important fact, but food allergy bullying is not often recognized in schools. You and other Wisconsin parents who have kids with allergies need to know about this dangerous form of bullying.

Children might think it is funny to deliberately expose their classmates to something they are allergic to, but this behavior is neither funny nor acceptable. According to, about one-third of children with food allergies have reported being bullied at some point by their peers or adults who should know better. Your child might experience the following types of food allergy bullying:

  • A classmate might rub an allergen, such as peanut butter, onto a surface that your child makes frequent contact with, like a keyboard or desktop.
  • During lunch, a student might shove an allergen into your child’s face or dare him or her to take a bite.
  • A child might deliberately bring a treat to share with the class that includes ingredients your child is allergic to.

Are you scared to ask for a divorce?

If you want a divorce but are scared to ask for one, know that you are far from alone. Many men and women wake up every day with the mixed emotions of fear and wanting to be free. Fear is a protective instinct, a survival mechanism, so of course it tends to win out.

There are plenty of reasons that the prospect of divorce is scary. Perhaps you are afraid your family and friends will judge you, especially if you made serious mistakes or if your marriage always seemed perfect. Maybe asking for divorce means a difficult, painful conversation with your spouse, and putting it off is easier. It could be that children are in the picture, and you are afraid of upsetting their lives or of getting to see them less. Finances or domestic violence might be an issue too. It is no fun keeping quiet about wanting a divorce because you are afraid your partner might take it out on you physically. So, what can you do when you are scared to ask for a divorce?

3 ways to prepare for a new year divorce

January is a popular time to get a divorce. This is because the new year is a time of new chances and leaving bad things behind. If your marriage is going through some trouble and you are considering getting a divorce in the new year, you are not alone. According to Forbes, many people get a divorce in January for fresh starts after the holidays

But you should not jump right into it without doing some careful thinking and preparation. If you make a reactionary decision before you are actually ready, the divorce could be particularly troubling and toxic. Here are some steps you should take to get ready for a divorce in the new year.

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