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Woman killed, 2 arrested following Wisconsin car accident

Because motor vehicles are part of the everyday lives of millions of people across the United States, drivers may take for granted the potential harm they can cause if they are involved in an accident. Unfortunately, a car accident in Wisconsin illustrates this harm after a woman was killed in a rollover crash. Both the driver of the vehicle in which the woman was riding and his twin brother now face criminal charges.

The incident happened just after 6 a.m. on a day in mid-November. Police say that they received a call about a vehicle stopped on an interstate off-ramp with two men fighting outside of it. The two men allegedly continued on the interstate in the vehicle before police arrived.

Disinheriting a family member through estate planning

Families in Wisconsin are complicated. In some cases, certain circumstances could prompt someone to disinherit a family member, such as ongoing disputes among siblings. Many people are surprised to learn that certain family members, even if not included as beneficiaries of a will, are entitled to be notified of the probate process. Fortunately, there are some estate planning techniques that can help in a situation in which a person wants to exclude a family member from benefiting from his or her estate without the individual later challenging the plan.

The first tool is bypassing the probate process through the use of beneficiaries and co-owners on real-estate. For example, retirement plans and life insurance policies require a beneficiary be named; this designation trumps anything listed in a will and does not go through probate. Likewise, the co-owner of a piece of real estate simply needs to present the death certificate to the county clerk to record the death, also bypassing the probate process. 

Man faces criminal charges following Wisconsin shooting

When a person is accused of a crime, there are multiple, potentially life changing decisions that must be made. Unfortunately, many people do not have the legal training or experience to fully understand the potential implications of their choices. In fact, a man is now likely wondering about his legal options now that he faces criminal charges following his recent arrest in Wisconsin.

The man's arrest followed an incident that happened during the early morning hours of a day late October. Police say they received a call from a woman indicating that she was in a truck in a driveway and someone had just fired a weapon into the back of the truck, striking the driver in the back of the head. Though the woman did not know where she was, police were able to find her by using her cellphone coordinates.

Wisconsin sees increase in alcohol-related traffic fatalities

Newly released statistics from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) show alcohol-related fatalities fell by 3.6% across the United States in 2018. However, Wisconsin saw a more than 5% increase in traffic deaths where alcohol was a factor.

The total number of deaths (588) on Wisconsin roadways in 2018 decreased compared to 2017, which saw 613 fatalities, but alcohol-related deaths rose from 189 to 199, amounting to a 5.3% increase. Nearly 11,000 people died in drunk driving crashes across the nation.

Family claims medical malpractice led to woman's death

People in Wisconsin and across the country undergo so-called "routine" medical procedures every day. Even though these procedures are often performed successfully, it does not mean that they are completely without risk, especially if negligence occurs. In fact, a family in another state is seeking answers, claiming that their loved one died as a result of medical malpractice

The patient in this case is a 27-year-old woman. She reportedly underwent surgery to have a cyst removed in her left leg. At some point -- a representative for the family believes it was while the woman was on the operating table -- the woman went into cardiac arrest. Reports indicate that she died the following day.

Which age group texts and drives the most?

It is undeniable that Wisconsin has suffered from a distracted driving problem in recent years. In particular, texting while driving has become a huge issue not only in the state, but across the entire country. Today, we will take a closer look at some of the numbers behind texting and driving incidents.

According to Cosmos Magazine, one study has found that Millennials are the generation most likely to text and drive. This includes anyone born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s. Other studies have shown that Gen Z – or those born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s – are the ones who are more likely to engage in this behavior.

Field sobriety tests and your rights

If you are like a lot of people in Wisconsin, you might feel quite afraid about your future after being arrested for and charged with a drunk driving offense. The penalties for these types of charges can be severe and have a long-term impact on your life. However, it is important for you to know that you have the right to defend yourself and one fact to know is that the tests used during your arrest process are not always accurate.

As explained by, there are a wide range of things that could result in you being unable to pass one or more of the field tests you were asked to participate in. A lot of the factors are likely to be out of your control. For example, if you have anxiety or some other mental health condition, you may not be able to properly balance yourself on one leg or walk perfectly along an imaginary line.

Daughter fights for her alleged inheritance

The importance of clear verbiage in a will or a trust cannot be overstated to residents in Wisconsin. Even the slightest opportunity for interpretation may provide fuel for a person's estate plan to be contested by heirs or potential heirs. An example of this can be seen in the case of a woman in New York who is currently embroiled in a battle to receive what she asserts should be her inheritance based on the relationship her mother had with another woman.

The plaintiff's mother was involved in an 18-year relationship with another woman that ended in 2016 when both of the women died. The plaintiff's mother died 12 days after her partner. The partner had created a will roughly three months before her death, which was due to a battle with cancer. The New York Daily News indicates that the partner included a provision in her will for specific items to be given to the plaintiff's mother so long as that woman lived at least 30 days after the partner died.

Boating Under the Influence in Wisconsin: The facts

In late summer of 2017, a 53-year-old man from suburban Milwaukee was boating on Lake Nagawicka. Without slowing down, he steered his white deck boat into the side of a pontoon. A 61-year-old woman was ejected from the pontoon, “and died from drowning and blunt force trauma.”

The driver of the white deck boat, a successful man with no criminal record, later admitted to police that he’d been “super drunk” at the time of the accident. He was charged with “homicide by intoxicated use of a vehicle,” and is currently serving six years in prison.

Do not ignore symptoms after a crash

Victims of car accidents in Wisconsin have a lot to deal with after a collision. They need to call the police, exchange information with the other driver, deal with property damage and possibly miss work. For those who have minor aches and pains, it may be easy to ignore them and avoid a trip to the emergency room or physician. However, injuries due to vehicular accidents can be serious, and unresolved symptoms can result in chronic pain and issues.

According to Healthline, one common injury is whiplash, and this occurs most frequently after a rear-end collision. Some of the typical symptoms include:

  • Headaches
  • Neck pain, especially with movement
  • Neck and shoulder stiffness
  • Tingling in hands and arms
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision 

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