Auto Accident Injures And Hospitalizes Construction Worker

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Road construction and repair is necessary in Wisconsin and across the United States. Because of wear and tear or outright damage, drivers can be put at risk of an accident with injuries and death. Although people might lament having their commute slowed because of this road work, it is important to drive slowly and pay attention to the road when workers are trying to do their jobs. Unfortunately, road construction workers are inherently vulnerable to being hit by a vehicle. This can lead to injuries, hospitalizations, medical expenses and lost time at work.

Driver crashes into construction worker

A morning rush hour auto accident involving a car and a construction worker hospitalized the worker and resulted in the driver receiving a citation. The accident happened at around 8:15 a.m. There was a highway truck in the right lane. The female driver of the car was trying to avoid the truck and ran into the other lane, hitting the worker. He was using a concrete saw and when he was hit. A piece of the equipment broke loose and severely cut his arm. He was taken to the hospital via airlift. Initially, there were concerns that he might lose his arm, but doctors were able to treat him and save his arm.

Construction workers face constant danger

The sheer nature of the type of work construction employees do leaves them vulnerable to being injured. When they are on a construction site, they will operate heavy equipment, be stationed at significant heights, use large tools and place their health and well-being in the hands of others. When they are doing road work, they face all these challenges and the added possibility that a driver will crash into them as they work. While workers’ compensation benefits may be available to cover for some of what they have lost, an auto accident can provide other avenues to seek compensation in a legal filing. This can cover what workers’ compensation does not.

An experienced legal professional can provide advice

Even though the worker’s arm was saved, that does not mean he will immediately be able to return to the same physical activities he did before. To be fully protected, it is important that he or anyone else involved in an accident in which there was a personal injury understand their rights and consult with a legal professional experienced in accidents to determine the next step.