Are You Ready for Divorce?

On behalf of Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C.

It is one thing to think about it, another to threaten it, and yet another to follow through with it. If you are considering divorce it is crucial to ask yourself whether you are truly serious about it and begin taking steps to make sure you are prepared for the divorce process.

Deciding to divorce is rarely easy. Preparing for the process can help you determine whether divorce is your best option and ensure the legal process goes as smoothly as possible.

Tips for Preparing for Your Divorce

We recommend you go through the following steps to prepare for your possible divorce:

  • Think about your future: What will divorce mean for your future? How will it affect your children and your finances? Thinking about the future you hope to achieve can help you determine whether divorce is a step on that path.
  • Get your finances in order: Now is the time start gathering your financial documents and make copies for your attorney. These documents are an important part of preparing for the division of marital property in divorce. This is also the time to start thinking about your income and spending habits. Are you the breadwinner in your relationship? Will you need spousal support to maintain your standard of living?
  • Ensure communication channels are available: It is important to make sure you can privately communicate with your attorney and loved ones about your divorce plans. You may need to open a P.O. Box, get your own cell phone plan and establish an email address your spouse does not have access to.
  • Speak to an Attorney You Can Trust: Your divorce has the potential to affect every area of your life. You need an attorney you can trust to provide you with the information you need to make sound decisions about your future.

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