Don't Let A Drunk Driving Charge Ruin Your Life

Wisconsin lawmakers have mandated strict punishments for those convicted of drunk driving. If convicted of drunk driving (also sometimes called OWI, DWI or DUI), you may face a range of negative consequences, including loss of license, heavy fines, increased insurance rates, a mandatory ignition interlock device and even jail or prison time. So you should take your OWI charge very seriously — and find an attorney who will do the same.

At Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C., our criminal defense attorneys understand that an OWI conviction can ruin your future. We know what's at stake and will fight to help you mitigate the consequences of the charge.

You Need A Lawyer — Even If It Is Your First Offense

Many first-time OWI offenders do not seek the help of an attorney because in Wisconsin your first OWI conviction is not a criminal conviction. However, this will still go on your permanent record and sets you up for a criminal conviction if you are ever charged with drunk driving again. In addition, a first-time OWI conviction will still cause you to lose your license for at least six months. You can also expect your insurance rates to skyrocket.

But there are ways to protect yourself. Our Green Bay and Appleton drunk driving defense lawyers have extensive experience in drunk driving defense and will investigate all possible defenses on your behalf, including:

  • Illegal stop and arrest
  • Improper administration of field sobriety tests
  • Improper administration of Breathalyzer
  • Faulty BAC results

While we can't promise results, we have helped many past clients beat DWI charges and secure reduced charges, and we will fight to do the same for you.

Charged With Refusing A Breathalyzer Test? We Can Help.

Being convicted of refusing a Breathalyzer test can be just as serious as a first-time drunk driving conviction. While the conviction is noncriminal, having it on your record leaves you open for criminal conviction should you ever be charged with refusal or drunk driving again. Don't risk your future. Our lawyers can help you fight to have the charge dropped or dismissed.

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