5 Types of Infidelity That Can Lead to Divorce

On behalf of Peterson, Berk & Cross, S.C.

Did you know there are different types of infidelity? If you are getting divorced in Wisconsin, the reason for the divorce does not matter to the court. Our clients don’t need to give a reason to file for divorce, but we understand that it is sometimes cathartic for them to tell us what led them down this path. Knowing a client’s journey can help us navigate the negotiations and strategize the best ways to communicate.

1. Opportunistic

Opportunistic infidelity occurs when someone is in love with their partner but succumbs to their sexual desire for another. This cheating type is typically driven by emotional circumstances or the rising opportunity to participate in risky behavior.

2. Obligatory

This type of infidelity occurs when someone feels that if they resist sexual advances from another person, they will be rejected. Some people cheat despite their love for their partner because they cannot stand to feel rejected.

3. Romantic

Romantic cheating occurs when someone has little emotional attachment to their partner and tries to find it elsewhere. They long for an intimate and loving connection that they do not have with their committed partner.

4. Conflicted Romantic

This infidelity occurs when someone feels love and sexual desire for more than one person at a time. These situations are possible, but result in very complicated and stressful situations.

5. Commemorative

This infidelity occurs when someone is in a committed relationship with another but has no feelings for their partner. They are only staying in the relationship because they feel obligated to. These people often justify their cheating by telling themselves they could since they are not getting what they want from their current relationship.