4 People Injured In Appleton, Wisconsin, Car Accident

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If you’ve been watching the news in Wisconsin, you might have heard about this serious three-car accident that took place in Appleton. According to reports about the car accident, at least four people were hurt. The three-vehicle crash happened early on Dec. 26, according to police records.

If you’ve ever been in a multiple-car crash, you know how serious injuries can be. Two impacts result in major damage to the vehicles involved, and you may be left with serious injuries. In this case, four people had to be sent to the hospital for their injuries. According to police, the driver of a car was heading north on South Kensington Drive when he struck a truck at the intersection. A van was also impacted in the accident. The driver may have been drinking, according to police reports.

At the time of the accident, two people inside the car had to be taken to the hospital for injuries that weren’t thought to be life-threatening. The driver of the truck went to the hospital as well and was reportedly in fair condition. However, a 56-year-old woman who was a passenger in the car suffered life-threatening injuries during the accident.

If you’re dealing with pain, injuries, and recovery time due to a car accident that happened because someone else was negligent or drunk, it’s important to seek legal help. You may be able to seek compensation. While it won’t help you recover more quickly, compensation may help you pay for medical bills and items that will help you be more comfortable while you recover.

Source: Fox 11, “Four injured in Appleton crash” No author given, Dec. 26, 2013