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Family Law Basics: Preparing to Meet with a Divorce Attorney

Determining how to hire a divorce attorney can be a daunting task. You are most likely already overwhelmed by emotions and financial uncertainty. You probably have a constant stream of questions and worries. Finding an attorney who is committed to getting you the best result is important.

Wisconsin mothers face high C-section and maternal death rates

In the United States, the rate of Caesarian births has climbed to nearly 33 percent of births. This exceeds the 19 percent rate of Cesarean sections identified by the World Health Organization as associated with the most survival benefits for mothers and infants. As a result, medical experts have placed some blame on the overuse of Cesarean procedures for the high maternal mortality rate experienced by U.S. women. This country has one of the highest maternal childbirth death rates among developed societies.

Despite the common application of surgical births, a Cesarean section represents a major surgery that includes inherent risks. Blood clots, serious infections, uterine ruptures and difficulty with subsequent pregnancies all arise in some patients after this surgical procedure.

Small bumps may lead to subdural hematomas

People in Wisconsin may be surprised to learn that they can develop a condition known as a subdural hematoma where blood accumulates on the surface of the brain from a relatively minor bump on the head. Sometimes, the bump is so minor that people do not remember it happening. In fact, most people never realize that they have a subdural hematoma because the brain heals itself. However, in some people, that is not the case.

Elderly people are more vulnerable to subdural hematomas because brains tend to shrink with age. As they pull away from the dura mater, or the protective membrane, the veins are more vulnerable and more likely to bleed. In one case, a man hit his head while putting a sprinkler under his porch. He forgot it even happened until he required emergency brain surgery weeks later following headaches and trouble driving.

Medication error prevention steps

Wisconsin patients and their health care practitioners should be aware of the ten strategies used to prevent the occurrence of medication errors. All medical providers should provide the five rights of medication administration, including properly transcribing, prescribing for the correct patient, ensuring the correct dosage, route and correct timing. Providers must also have a system in place to ensure medical reconciliation when transferring patients between institutions. Double and triple checking is also important when nurses are changing shifts. Chart flag processes can provide clarity during the checking process.

Having a doctor or nurse read back a prescription can reduce the likelihood of an incorrect prescription being processed. Name alerts can also help reduce medication errors when two patients have similar sounding names. When writing a prescription or label, it is best to include a zero before the decimal point to avoid ordering the wrong dose. Another important step in preventing medication error is to provide proper documentation in a legible format for all needed medication.

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