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Appleton Personal Injury Law Blog

Nondisclosure clauses keep Wisconsin patients quiet

The initial impression of a medical malpractice settlement is to recognize professional error and strive for improvements in patient care. Some research suggests, however, that the healthcare provider's reputation may be an unspoken priority as well.

According to a study in which the settlements of a Texas health system were reviewed, healthcare providers that were involved in a malpractice claim usually included some type of nondisclosure clause in the terms of the settlement with the patient. The majority of the claims examined dictated that the patient involved was not to disclose the settlement amount or other details regarding the agreement. Some agreements denied the patient the option of acknowledging the settlement at all. The researchers seem to think this indicates a general discomfort that the healthcare providers have with the public being aware of the medical error that occurred. In fact, 9 percent of the cases included the doctors and hospital in the nondisclosure clause in addition to the patient.

Wisconsin patients may not benefit from scans

A study released in 2011 has prompted Medicare to initiate coverage for some long-term smokers so that they can have a diagnostic scan performed to detect cancer. The findings of the study indicated that lung cancer-related deaths could decrease by about 20 percent with the use of a technique known as a spiral CT scan. Despite the findings, however, some doctors hesitate to perform the scans on their patients.

According to the research, approximately 150,000 people die from lung cancer annually in the United States. Supporters of the use of the spiral CT scan suggest that thousands of people suffering from the condition could benefit from the technique. Though the early identification of cancerous conditions can benefit the patient, some doctors feel that the technique may cause some patients to undergo unnecessary risks. Not all cancers advance into life-threatening conditions, and not all signs of abnormal growths indicate cancer, say some medical experts.

Attorney Stacy Schlemmer to Conduct FREE Seminar

SJS Glamour Shots Head Shot 10%.jpgAttorney Stacy Schlemmer will present a FREE seminar called "Know Your Rights as a Single Parent" in our Green Bay office. She'll discuss:

Attorney John Peterson President of ADI Board of Directors

Appleton One Great Place.jpgAttorney John Peterson was recently named President of the Board of Directors for Appleton Downtown, Inc.  ADI's mission is to make Downtown Appleton a vibrant and accessible destination for business, learning, living and leisure.

Study suggests head traumas may lead to premature brain aging

A study conducted by British researchers has added new fuel to concerns that head injuries might be the source of signs of premature aging in the brains of victims, a finding that may have implications for personal injury cases in Wisconsin. The researchers examined brain scans from 99 people who had suffered traumas arising from falls, assaults and motor vehicle accidents, including scans from periods of one month to 46 years following the traumatic events. The researchers noticed that signs of inflammation and impairment appeared in some victims many years after the initial cause of the injuries.

The researchers built a computer model by comparing the scans of brain injury victims against scans taken from individuals who were known to have healthy brains. According to the researchers, the results show that persons who have survived traumatic events show signs of premature onset of brain health issues more commonly associated with aging, including the advent of dementia. They stated that they expect the model can be used as a screening method to better identify at-risk patients and intervene sooner. Doctors would be able to confront potential cases of neurodegenerative disease and prescribe courses of treatment to prevent or delay the onset of the worst symptoms associated with them.

Attorney Dan Cross Participating in Child Support Webinar

DRC Photo.jpgAttorney Dan Cross will be participating in a child support webinar through the ‪State Bar of Wisconsin‬ called "Child Support: It's Not Just Percentages" on April 27th in Madison. Attorney Cross is the author of the widely used child support calculator "DCF150 Sheets", which is now also incorporated into Divorce Financial Solutions' comprehensive maintenance and child support calculator, "DFS-Tax Calc."

Research shows majority of breast cancer biopsies misdiagnosed

The results of a new study show that as many as 75 percent of all breast cancer biopsies are misread by pathologists in Wisconsin and across the United States. The study was published by the American Medical Association on March 17.

The authors of the study took the biopsy diagnoses of 100 pathologists and then asked three top breast cancer specialists to diagnose the same tissue samples. The researchers said there were significant differences between the diagnoses of the pathologists and those of the specialists. The findings indicate that a large portion of the approximately 1.6 million women annually who have breast cancer biopsies are misdiagnosed and thus potentially receive incorrect treatment.

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Attorney Stacy Schlemmer Featured in Management Women Newsletter

Attorney Stacy Schlemmer is featured in the Management Women, Inc. newsletter this month. In the newsletter Attorney Schlemmer discusses family law and her perspective on representing her clients.